Jasminka Mitkovska

Jasminka Mitkovska

If you ask me what brought me here, I would say I came here by chance. They say there are no chances in this beautiful universe, so I’ll try again and say it was love. Love brought me here.

 Around seven years ago I happen to come to Slovenia on vacation and fell in love. It wasn’t with a person, it was with the nature, the silence in the center of Ljubljana, the green colour, the air, even the daily fog, the punctuality, the sustainability, the people with their politeness and kindness, and modesty, because I’m sure they are denying all of this, this very moment…However, the short love affair with Slovenia has become a very serious relationship, a marriage, not yet.

As I am  Macedonian I can speak all other Balkan languages, but professionally and personally  I have always been obsessed with the English. I have been translating, editing and proofreading all kinds of materials for the past 15 years. By doing that I developed a special kind of love for writing and storytelling and after numerous failing attempts, fate brought me here, writing for you.

Trying to reinvent myself in the new country, over the years  I’ve  taken part in many initiatives, projects, circling in the expat communities, NGOs, entrepreneurs etc. I graduated English language and literature and I teach EFL, Business English and Conversation in English as a private tutor, and I am the happiest when my students finally start speaking English with ease and smile on their faces.

I love languages, obviously, anything media-wise ( can I say this?), education, yoga and meditation.  I don’t drive and I love cycling around Ljubljana. I feel like there is so much more to explore and learn about this beautiful country! Come with me, I have no fixed plans…

You can contact Jasminka on jasminka@total-slovenia-news.com 

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