Paul Bradbury

Paul Bradbury

A Brit who swapped the rain of his native Manchester for the sun of his adopted Hvar via Somalia, Paul had been living full-time in Croatia since 2003. 

After various failed get-rich-quick ideas, he embarked on an online writing career, which although lots of fun, has yet to generate the mega-bucks his patient Croatian wife and two daughters are hoping for. 

Author of Lebanese Nuns Don't Ski and Lavender, Dormice and a Donkey Named Mercedes, as well as two guide books, Hvar: An Insider's Guide and Split: An Insider's Guide (the latter co-autored with Mila Hvilshoj), Paul embarked on an online tourism information project in late 2011. 

Total Hvar soon expanded into Total Split, Total Inland Dalmatia and Total Munich, with Total Croatia News the latest and most ambitious project. The philosophy of the Total Project has always been simple and summarised in 5 words: Give People What They Want. 

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