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1 September 2019 - Eligma is a Slovenian blockchain company that launched in 2018, and one aim of the firm is to make cryptocurrencies part of daily life, and thus of shopping. To this end it has produced Elipay, an infrastructure for accepting crypto payments (in Bitcoin Cash, ELI, Bitcoin and Ether) that ensures the merchant always receives settlement in the local fiat currency. It is this service that has drawn the attention of Roger Ver’s and the Swiss firm Pangea Blockchain Fund, which together will invest €4 million in the Slovenian start-up.

According to a press release, it is Elipay and the related app that have made Slovenia the leading country in the world with regard to the number of brick-and-mortar stores and service providers that accept both regular money and crypto. The investment is aimed at helping Elipay expand beyond its current markets of Slovenia and Croatia, where more than 430 businesses now accept crypto currencies on a daily basis.

Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic is quoted as saying: “The development of finance is going towards cash becoming a thing of the past. Among other things, this is because doing business with it is quite time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, one of the main problems with cryptocurrencies is that the confirmation of transactions can take several minutes if not more, which is unacceptable in daily shopping. Eligma effectively solved this problem with Elipay, which enables instant crypto transactions; furthermore, the merchant receives settlement in local fiat and is thus safe from crypto volatility. This makes the use of cryptocurrencies quick and effective for daily use. We must not forget that cryptocurrencies were envisioned as the electronic cash of the future.“

Shopping with Elipay is said to be very easy: the buyer scans the purchase QR-code with a crypto wallet, selects the cryptocurrency they wish to use and confirms the transaction. The current list of Elipay locations can serve more than 20,000 users of the Elipay app, along with some 4 million users of the Wallet, with other crypto wallets expected to join the system soon. Users of Elipay can also  benefit by receiving Eligma (ELI) tokens with every purchase they make. The all-time high of the token was US$0.050306 on 5 September 2018, and it is currently trading at US$0.021759.

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