Finance Expects Housing Prices to Fall in Ljubljana

By , 16 Jun 2020, 14:58 PM Business

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STA, 16 June 2020 - Reflecting on the housing market in Ljubljana, the business daily Finance points in Tuesday's commentary to the simultaneous increase in newly available flats and the pending drop in purchasing power.

The building of apartments was sped up quite noticeably last year, with more than 988 multi-unit buildings being completed, almost double the 2018 number.

By far the largest number of new flats appeared in Ljubljana. And while people were complaining a few years ago that the focus was only on high-end housing, quite a few "normal" flats are being built in the capital now.

A problem may however appear on the demand side, the paper says, pointing to bleak economic forecasts for this year and the fact that few people can afford to buy an apartment as it is.

The price growth of flats in Ljubljana stopped already last year. Given the simultaneous rise in supply and decrease in purchasing power - even if the Surveying and Mapping Authority says that demand still exceeds supply, prices could also fall.

"Considering all this, we might soon no longer be wondering who will buy a flat costing EUR 5 million but will buy one for EUR 150,000," Finance says in the commentary, entitled Who Will Buy a Flat for EUR 5m?

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