Slovenia 26th in Global Competitiveness Index, Ljubljana 61st

By , 26 Oct 2021, 12:53 PM Business
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STA, 26 October 2021 - Slovenia ranks 26th among 134 countries in the latest Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) for 2021, after ranking 31st among 132 countries last year in this extensive annual report compiled by French business school INSEAD, Swiss staffing company Adecco and tech giant Google.

The GTCI ranks countries in an overall ranking and according to ratings in six "pillars": Enable, Attract, Grow, Retain, Vocational and Technical Skills, and Global Knowledge Skills, with each pillar containing multiple sub-categories.

Slovenia's best result was in the Vocational and Technical Skills pillar, ranking 16th and jumping up from last year's 27th place. Meanwhile, the poorest result was achieved in attracting talent, ranking 54th and falling down from 49th last year.

However, Slovenia was ranked among the top 30 countries in the world in all the other pillars.

The place at the very top was retained by Switzerland, ranked among the top five in all categories. Second place was taken by Singapore, followed by the United States, Denmark and Sweden.

The top 20 rankings are primarily dominated by EU member states and English-speaking countries like Australia (11), the UK (12) and Canada (13), rounded off by Japan in 20th place.

Slovenia ranked 26th overall, tucked in between the Czech Republic (24), the United Arab Emirates (25), South Korea (27) and Portugal (28).


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The GTCI ranking also includes a list of the most attractive cities for talent. San Francisco, Geneva and Boston rounded out the top three, while Ljubljana was ranked 61st out of 155 cities this year, up from 79th last year.

You can see the full report here

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