Slovenian Recipe of the Week: Octopus Salad

By , 30 Jun 2019, 17:37 PM Gourmet
Slovenian Recipe of the Week: Octopus Salad All photos: Neža Loštrek

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June 30, 2019

If you don’t find the image of a boiling octopus disturbing, you might want to try and prepare this creature in the way it is usually prepared and served along the eastern Adriatic coast: marinated in Trieste sauce and served on fresh lettuce leaves.  

octopus fresh.jpg


1 onion for the pot, and you can also add bay leaves and whole pepper seeds

5-6 cloves of garlic
chopped parsley
lemon juice
olive oil
salt and pepper

Clean the octopus and boil till soft (about an hour). If you have time, you can freeze the octopus before boiling (after you have cleaned it), which will make it more tender. Alternatively, you can beat it before cooking.

octopus boiling.jpg
We should have found a bigger pot

Smash the garlic cloves and chop the parsley for the marinade, which will also consist of olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Take the cooked octopus out of the pot and remove the skin and suction cups in case you don't find them appetising. Dice the tentacles and marinade them for a few hours.

octopus marinade.jpg

Take the salad out of the marinade and place it on fresh lettuce leaves for serving.

octopus side dishe.jpg

Dober tek!

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