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In October 2017 InterNations turns 10 In October 2017 InterNations turns 10 Facebook: Internations

15 places to connect with others in Slovenia - how many more do you know? 

Finding expat groups in here is really easy, especially with social media. With the growing numbers of foreigners or foreign students coming to live, study and work in Slovenia, mostly in Ljubljana, it would be a pity not to become a member of at least one of these groups. However, I only joined these groups in my fourth year of living here, which I regret now. It would have made my life so much easier. I have no idea why I didn’t join for so long, perhaps there was no one to introduce me, or there was not enough info about these groups. However, today is your lucky day, as you’re reading this. Just pick one of the following expat groups which are very well organized, with most having free membership. If you know of any we are lacking, feel free to get in touch.

1. InterNations group is an expat group for people who work and live (mainly) temporarily in Ljubljana. The basic membership is free. They have weekly meetings in different bars in Ljubljana. They also organize other types of events which you can attend depending on your interests which are payable. You can apply for membership here.

2. SILA-IWCL (International Women’s Club Ljubljana) is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organisation, formed in 1993 and run voluntarily by its members. The club offers members numerous opportunities to participate in diverse and interesting activities to foster deeper mutual understanding among themselves, and to expand their knowledge of Slovenia and the rest of the world. SILA membership is open to all expat women residing in Slovenia. Slovenian nationals wishing to join can also apply. The only requirements are interest in the promotion of the objectives of the association and international experience. The annual membership fee is 50 euros. You can find more info on the group’s Facebook page or the group’s website.

SILA-IWCL Bazaar  2017.jpg

SILA-IWCL's annual Bazaar is held each December. Photo: SILA-IWCL Facebook

3. Girl Gone iInternational. Ljubljana Girl Gone International is a vibrant international community of female globe hoppers aged 21-45 who are living, working, traveling or studying abroad. In cities all over the world there are GGI hubs and they hold at least one main event a month to make new, like-minded friends, swap stories, connect and enjoy a few drinks in hip venues throughout the city. You can join at their Facebook page on the following link.

4. Expats in Slovenia lets foreigners help each other, share their ideas and spread the word about any relevant businesses, activities, networking events, parties and other things of interest. There is a very active Facebook group, with answers to many of your questions having been posted many times before. Here's the link.

5. International Friends Ljubljana is a Facebook group which can help you meet people from all over the world, making new friends and your stay in Ljubljana more enjoyable. One special thing about this group is that you can propose your own events and they will then promote them. Sounds fun, right? Here's the link.

6. Language Exchange Group is a Facebook study group based in Ljubljana. Check this out if you’d you like to practice a language in person, either in a group or one-on-one, or if you know a language and would like to help some people learn it. Join this club and help to spread the idea of free language exchanges in Ljubljana! You can do that here

7. Foreigners in Slovenia, “Foreigners, Aliens, Expats... these are just names,” the group says, inviting you to join their Facebook group or follow their blog to learn more. On their blog  or join their Facebook group.

8. Foreigners Living in Ljubljana. This Facebook group is for those who have decided to live in Ljubljana, and attracts students, workers, tourists and others, including locals who want to hang out with foreigners.

9. Expat Women’s Guide Slovenia: The Facebook group was created to connect expat women living in Slovenia and helping them to network, share experiences, exchange tips, give advice or simply chat and maybe even make new friends. The issues raised can range from questions about language courses to giving birth in local hospitals. The group offers a safe space for expat women in Slovenia, and also aims to arrange various events to help them connect with each other. If you have any questions, please contact the group admin Noon (aka: AliSharif Noonzie


Can you guess what FND stands for? See #15 for the answer. Photo: FND's Facebook

10. Grow International Ljubljana, is another Facebook expat group, and one focused on self-development, increasing your confidence and living up to your potential, providing local and international experience on how to flourish in Slovenia, from your personal life to health and business.

11. International Club of Slovenia (ICS) is a fun club for expats living in Slovenia that has been running since 2004, The organization is open to anyone who wants to meet new people while here, hosting occasional events that are all announced on their Facebook page.

12. Expat Support Slovenia. The purpose of this group is to offer support for expats and their families living in Slovenia. No question is too trivial, and if you're bothered by mundane questions and queries in your newsfeed then this might not be the place for you!. The group also encourages locals to become members, so that they can share services, events, clubs and associations that might be of interest to expats living in Slovenia.

13. Expats Market Slovenia (Sell, Buy, Trade) This group was created to serve as a virtual market for expats and/or Slovenes living in Slovenia who wish to buy or sell things, and is not supposed to be a forum for commercial advertising or full-time businesses. However, exceptions can be made if, for example, if you are making the product by yourself, and if in doubt you can always ask the admin.

2nd hand.JPG

14. Second Hand Ljubljana. The name of this Facebook group tells the whole story, so come here if you have something to sell or are looking for a bargainn, with everything from shoes to computers, bicycles to paintings.

15. Friday Night Drinks is a Facebook group that tries to set up regular meetings in bars around Ljubljana so you can get off your keyboard and chat in real life. Find out about the next event here.

Whether you've lived in Slovenia for many years, or are just learning you way around here, I hope you'll become a member of at least one of these groups. I'm a member of all of them, and this has brought me so many wonderful experiences and made my life in Slovenia easier and richer. In fact, me being able to write this and you being able to read this is because I saw a job offer on one of these groups. So, please, I urge you, go online and join some groups – you don't where it will lead.

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