How to Watch Movies with Slovene Subtitles Online for Free

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Note that the subtitles are out of sync with "Clockwork Orange" Note that the subtitles are out of sync with "Clockwork Orange" Screenshot

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If you live in Slovenia then you can watch cable TV with Slovenian subtitles, and if you’re outside the country then RTV Slovenia has a good website and app. You can learn about that here, although it only offers Slovenian audio and subtitles, so not ideal for beginners.

If you know how to use .srt files you can get subtitles for your video files from various places online (such as, while there are also services like Putlocker, where you’re confronted with a bunch of pop-up ads for gambling, dating sites, pornography and so on, with the possibility of streaming videos along with subtitles in the language of your choice.

Another option is Moj Video, where if you search for Slovenski podnapisi (Slovenian subtitles), you can find a number of movies in English, free to watch, with subtitles to practice your vocab and grammar.

I won’t speculate as to the full legality of all aspects of the site’s operation, but will say that it’s not plagued with pop-up ads, and while the videos are rather low resolution the key point here is being able to hear the audio in English and see a fair Slovenian translation on screen at the same time. You can dig around and see what’s on offer here.

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