August the Most Popular Month to Get Married in Slovenia

By , 13 Jun 2022, 11:35 AM Lifestyle
August the Most Popular Month to Get Married in Slovenia Image: SURS

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registered formal civil unions. August was the most popular month for a wedding, data from the Statistics Office shows.

Compared to the year before, the number of couples who got married increased by 13% to 5,916 whereas the number of those who got a divorce rose by nearly a third (31%) to 2,322.

Most couples got married in Gorenjska and Central Slovenia (three per 1,000 of the population) and the fewest in Goriška in the west (two per 1,000).

Most couples tied the knot on 21 August; as many as 209, which compares to 16 on an average day. August was also the only month to see more than a thousand couples get marry (1,030).

July, June and September are also quite popular to get married, against January, which is the least popular with only 149 couples picking the month to get marry.

Saturday is the most popular wedding day of the week with 59% of all couples wedded on that day last year.

Bridegrooms were on average 36.8 years old and brides 34.3, but those who got married for the first time were a bit younger, at 32.6 and 30.7, respectively.

For 89% of the brides and as many bridegrooms it was their first marriage and for 82% of all couples it was the first time for both of them.

In 78% of the marriages both the bride and the bridegroom were Slovenian citizens; in 9% the bride was a foreigner and in almost as many the bridegroom came from abroad. In both cases the foreign partner most often came from Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 4% of the cases both couples were foreign nationals.

Same-sex civil unions were registered by 58 couples, of which 31 were male and 27 were female unions.

Of the couples that got divorced last year, 53% had 1,999 dependent children. Most of the children were assigned to the mother (59%), 6% to the father and 32% to both.

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