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New clothes. Me. The clothes I bought last week New clothes. Me. The clothes I bought last week All images from Slovenske smešne scene on Facebook

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Short, easy and rewarding. 

August 30, 2018

The slang term for a meme is Slovene is jazjaz, as in “me me”, although not everybody knows this. That linguistic weirdness aside, memes can be a fun way to learn Slovenian, as with just a little knowledge you can get some comedic pay off, a reward for your studiousness and the incentive to tackle the next bite-sized chunk of information.

We thus present out second set of ultra-short texts, visual aids, and jokes to try and understand – all reasons why you should be following Slovenske smešne scene on Facebook – with a translation under each image.


Plans with friends. When you make the plan. 10 days before the trip. Three days before the trip. When you have to go.



Tag two friends who could empty this pool in an hour



When you finally capture your dream guy, and sex lasts no longer than 10 seconds.



In one hour you have to eat 500 hundred McNuggets. Tag a friend who could help



My friends aren't just friends, they're also family



Sorry, I don't have time today



"What's the first rule when shopping online?" Me:



What you see. What your family sees when you reset the router



When you're trying to work out which drink has less, so you can give it to your sister or brother



You know you slept good when you've got this arm



When you are your friend have taken totally different paths in life, but you have a great time whenever you get together



When your friend texts "OK, I'm here" and you go outside and he's not there



When you're already to go out, but you've only hot 10% battery

And if you want see more, here’s our first post in this series.

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