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We love Ljubljana, castles, dancing and sunrises, so when we saw this video of some DJs and a small party on top of the watchtower overlooking the city we had to find out more.

We thus sent a few questions to DJ Ayit – who played the show along with Keta&Slim – and he was kind enough to reply

How did you manage to get permission to play at the top of the Castle?

We had a lot of planning and preparations to do, but hard work eventually paid off.

Is it something that you plan to do again?

Of course! It’s great to receive such a good public response. It just gives you energy to do it all again. Providing people with good quality music was always our passion, and if you can do it at a crazy location like Ljubljana Castle’s viewing tower… Perfect combination.


DJ Ayit. Photo: Shtrayfix

Does the City of Ljubljana support DJ/club culture?

The city, the people in general, they do not support this culture at all. There are more complaints than there is praise, and you better turn the volume down after 10pm or even better, don’t start.

What other, non-club venues have you played / would you like to play in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana is a beautiful place with nature in every corner of the city. Park Tivoli is the first on my list, out of all the outdoor places downtown. There are a lot of places we want to play or make a party in Ljubljana and Slovenia. We have a lot of ideas, but as long as everything is just an idea we can’t give specific information. The best option to follow our movement is to like and follow our Instagram, YouTube and FB page where we announce everything.


DJs Keta&Slim. Photo: Shtrayfix

Is there any chance of a party in the Castle courtyard?

We’re planning to go bigger with everything over time, of course, everything goes by plan. But yes, the location is more than perfect for such a thing.

You’re part of a team – can you tell us a little about the crew, what kind of music you play, and where people can hear you?

I tend to produce rather than DJ and I never keep it all in one style. Whatever comes to my mind, whatever mood I’m in, that’s what decides the genre I’ll make or play. The most “noise” I made in the Slovenian electronic scene was with my progressive psy, trance and acid DJ and live sets this year with Shtrayfix.


Officially the highest people in Ljubljana, dancing. Photo: Shtrayfix

If you’d like to see and hear more of this crew, then follow the links in this post, or go and see their next live show, at 23:00 Friday October 5 (2018), at Tovarna Rog in Ljubljana, where there’ll be a drum’bass night (details here). If you’d like to hear more of Ayit at your leisure then his soundcloud is here (with his unreleased works here), while Keta&Slim can be heard here.

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