10 Most Popular Videos about Slovenia on YouTube - Diverse!

By , 01 Oct 2018, 19:21 PM Lifestyle

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October 1, 2018 - It is the birthplace of America's First Lady, but Melania Trump does not make this top ten - what are the most popular videos on YouTube about Slovenia?

We live in a visual age, and the medium of video is becoming increasingly important in how people search for information. 

So how is Slovenia presented, and what are the most popular items watched in relation to the country? 

After more than 15 years living in the region, I was sure that Eurovision would feature prominently, and given the amount of media attention given to a young lady from Sevnica who went on to live in the most famous house in America, I was sure that Melania Trump would feature heavily in the 10 most popular videos about Slovenia on YouTube. 

But I was wrong. Using a crude method of searching on the keyword 'Slovenia', here are the ten most popular videos, with numbers of views - Melania did not make the top 10, but she came close at number 11: 

11 - Uncensored - LIfe in Melania Trump's Hometown - 950k views

10. Two Jack Wilshere worldies! Slovenia 2-3 England | Official Highlights - 1 million views

9. Rail traffic in Slovenia - Tunnels part Gornje Lezece - Tunnel owl - 1.1m views

8. Sabaton - Light In The Black (Slovenian Army) - 1.2m views

7. Epic Water Slides at Terme 3000, Slovenia (Tobogani) - 1.25m views

6. America first... Slovenia second (OFFICIAL) - 1.25m views

{ok, I guess there is a little Melania reference in this one)

5. Slovenian Bone Marrow Restaurant - 1.35m views

4. Rare Baby Dragons exist in Slovenia ! - 2.1m views

3. Maraaya - Here For You (Slovenia) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest - 4.9m views

(Disclaimer - there are several versions of this song and other Eurovision songs among the most popular, but I have limited Eurovision to one entry)

2. Farming in south-east Slovenia [Dolenjska] - 10.5m views

(Can someone explain this one?!?)

1. Perpetuum Jazzile - Africa - 21m views

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