Ljubljana Will Host 2020 Conference of the European Network of Science Centres & Museums

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Ljubljana Will Host 2020 Conference of the European Network of Science Centres & Museums www.ecsite.eu

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STA, 31 March 2019 - Ljubljana will host in 2020 the annual international conference of ECSITE, the European network of science centres & museums. The five-day meeting will be organised in June by the Kersnikova Institute, the first NGO to be entrusted with ECSITE's central event in its 30-year history.

Jurij Krpan, the head of the Kersnikova Institute for Culture, Arts and Education, told the press this week that ECSITE had recognised fresh and interesting content in the institute's programme and new approaches meant to boost public sensibility to a world increasingly marked by technology.

The students-initiated institute has been serving as an institutional frame for three progressive venues.

The Kapelica Gallery is a platform for contemporary investigative arts, the hacker space Rampa is exploring relations between society, science, technology and art, while the inspirational laboratory BioTehna focuses on the artistic research of living systems.

Krpan said that the institute encouraged reflection about how European institutions dealing with the promotion of science could act in a different, modernised and proactive manner. Thus ECSITE decided to give the 2020 the name Echoes From the Future.

Krpan would like more Slovenian institutions, including those specialising in humanities, to join ECSITE, which has more than 350 member institutions from around the world. The Slovenian members are the Kersnikova Institute, Ljubljana's House of Experiments and the Technical Museum of Slovenia.

Mikko Myllykosk, a member of the network, told the press that the Kersnikova Institute was doing an extraordinary job when it came to bridging the gaps between art, science and technology.

He announced Ljubljana would host 1,200 experts from Europe and beyond next year.

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