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There's four months till summer, but only 10-15 minutes to the nearest McDonalds There's four months till summer, but only 10-15 minutes to the nearest McDonalds

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April 4, 2019

This week’s collection of Slovenian memes (jazjaz, in slang) can’t hide the fact that the average age of a Slovenian meme fan is somewhere below 18. Which might actually be useful to a learner of the language, as not only are memes a simple and fun learning material, but might also help you realise how some things never change.

Me in elementary school getting a 2
Me in high school getting a 2


When you leave all your homework for Sunday night
When you use a calculator during a test to make sure how much is 8+5


  1. Add a teabag 2. Pour in boiling water 3. Wait till it cools 4. Forget you prepared tea


meme mojistarsinevejo.jpg
My parents don't realise that I could be a junky, crook or drunk, and they complain because I didn’t tidy a plate from my room


Saturday night vs Sunday morning


When you send lecture notes to your classmate


37946310_496937190767183_5071882534309068800_o (1).jpg
‘Before execution”
Guard: What do you want for your last meal?
Girl: I don’t care. What would you like to eat?


Username: admin
Password: admin


When I go to school after vacations


When I am finally confident enough to enter the swimming pool without a shirt on
You can find more memes here, will our series of dual texts, in Slovene and English, are here

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