October 1 in Slovenian History: Postcards Introduced by Vienna Postal Administration

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Postcard that arrived at Trieste in 1899 Postcard that arrived at Trieste in 1899

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In 1869 the Vienna Postal Administration, which was at the time in charge of the mail in Slovenia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, introduced postcards to carry shorter messages that were cheaper than letters and did not need an envelope.

In the second half of the 19th century, lower paper costs allowed for a novelty to be introduced into the postal service – envelopes.  Letters were now inserted into unscripted paper wrappings, which were industrially produced and stamped in Austria first.

On today's date in 1869 the Vienna Postal Services introduced the first official postcard in the world, which was called “Correspondenz-Karte”. In Slovenian it was first called “listnica” and was later renamed to “dopisnica”.

Dopisnica za blagorodnega gospoda Franca Deklevo je bila oddana 23. 3. 1899 v Novi vasi na Blokah, na Rakeku pa je bila žigosana z dohodnim žigom naslednji dan.jpg
A postcard addressed to "Noble Gentleman Franc Dekleva, Inner Carniola, Rakek", was sent on March 23 1899 and stamped in Rakek a day later

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