President Borut Pahor: Best of 2019 Instagram, Part 1

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President Borut Pahor: Best of 2019 Instagram, Part 1 Borut Pahor, Instagram

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Only a handful of politicians understand the influence of the social media today and are able to use it successfully. One of them is certainly the Slovenian President Borut Pahor.

Borut understands that social media is one of those tools that can reach an audience who might never read a newspaper or watch a news report, and should therefore not to be bogged down with much serious or complex content, but should match striking images with easy to digest text, along with plenty of hashtags. 

The medium thus fits perfectly the President’s propensity to happiness, his vast array of hobbies, and last but not least his refined sense of visual aesthetics and rugged good looks. 

In 2019 President Pahor also received a local Instagram celebrity award, and so we present part one of our selection of “the best” of his Instagram posts for the year, and hope to show how well he managed to use this new medium in his own favor.

  1. January 7th: Borut Pahor on an important telephone mission.
Tradition is always in vogue. Double breasted suit and a landline phone. #tradition #oldschool #nevergoesoutofstyle
  1. January 21: Borut likes Rock and roll.
Last weekend after the Queen movie, I took pictures with fans. This lady comes and introduces herself, Vojislava Šuc, and tells me that in 1979 she was at their concert in Tivoli, Ljubljana. It was crazy. #queen #concert #bohemianrhapsody #fifthtime #movie 
  1. January 30: Borut’s cute socks
When we go for visits all over the world, we meet at my hotel room in the evening. While the girls gossip, I usually jump in the shower and into my pajamas. Špela always laughs at my socks, these ones she especially liked. #socks #sockstyle #travel #wrapuptheday 
  1. February 2: Stay composed no matter what.
It is important to always remain calm and polite, even when unexpectedly visited by uninvited guests. During a speech before the diplomatic assembly at Brdo by Kranj, a stink bug (Rhathigaster nebulosa) landed on me.#intruder #stayfocused #speech #littlefriend 
  1. February 9: The three topics journalists want to hear about.
During an interview for the most read Serbian newspaper Blic, in the renovated villa of Jovanka Broz in Dedinje. They were interested in three things. Putin, Trump and my Instagram.#interview #serbia #newspaper #blic #blicsrbija #photosession 
  1. February 19: Just don’t touch the hair.
The cake that was made at the Home of St. Katharine in Mengeš today. I didn't know how to cut into it. I didn't want to ruin my hairstyle, so I took the risk with my neck. It all ended well, and Sister Cecilia promised to pray for me every day. #cake #surprise #bakedgoods #nicetime #goodtime #silvergeneration #pieceofcake 
  1. March 11: Quiz question
Quiz question. Is the wife of the Bulgarian President at the official reception: a) giving me a slap, b) kindly caressing me, c) erasing the traces of her lipstick from her kiss. The answer is in the upcoming little video.  #questions #quiz #officialvisit #bolgarija #bulgaria 
  1. March 11: Quiz answer
The correct answer to the question from the previous photo. The wife of the Bulgarian president is erasing the traces of her kiss. Tanya is trying to hide me from television cameras.? #answer #quiz #quizquestion #lipstick #officialvisit 
  1. March 12: Presidential nightmare.
A nightmare before every inspection of the Guard of Honour: will the laces remain tied and is the zipper zipped? #shoelaces #zipper #guardoftheslovenianarmedforces 
  1. March 17: This is about the pants, not legs, you dirty minds!
I come to Sonya for fitness. I find that I forgot my training pants at home. Sonja proudly pulls a pair of sweatpants out of a closet. After a while, she comes to see me and notes how I shortened the pants with scissors. I hear (her say) ???? ?? and similar things. Ok, well, I’m sorry? #doityourself #trainingday #sunday #training 
  1. March 24: Making Instagram friends is harder than we thought. But it’s worth it.
I met many new friends in Planica. I greet every one of them. When things get difficult at school or work, we will find comfort in lovely memories of great fun. #greatmoments #newfriends #friends #friendship #memorieslastforever 
  1. April 14: Wrong trousers.
At the finish of the Istrian Marathon. The result was pretty cool, I was just angry with myself. Yesterday, I bought new running pants in a hurry, and they kept blistering me all the way because I had worn them wrong way. Hello?!? #istrskimaraton #finishline #marathon #halfmarathon #running #runingman #runningmotivation 
  1. April 17: When vanity tricks you into eating too much.
When in Sarajevo it is a must that I visit Čevabdžinica Želja 2.  What contributes to this superstition is that my photograph hangs on one of its walls. Good čevapi + vanity = lots of calories????#sarajevo #localcuisine #cevapi #cevabdzinica #visiting 
  1. May 6: Borut into every Slovenian phone!
Been in Gančani. Lots of pictures were taken. Obviously, with these four girls as well, with each one separately. And then them somewhere together. ? #photo #phototime #letstakeaselfie #selfie #together 
  1. May 13: A good photo saves the world.
The President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier wrote on his Instagram profile beside a photo of us at a reception with military honours in the rain that we are friends in any kind of weather. #allweather #partnership #friendship #welcomingceremony #militaryhonours 
  1. May 17: Girls managed to control themselves   this time.
At one of the early versions of prom parade almost 20 years ago, I was pulled into a bus in front of the Parliament building, where Brazilian dancers were. It was pretty wild. Today, however, they were politically correct. ? #quadrille #dance #parade #maturantskaparada #tradition #highschool 
  1. May 29: Right trousers.
One can clearly see the difference between the dull reality in the first and the creative imagination in the second photo. ? #creativity #imagination #peoplewithimagination 
  1. June 12: Limelight? -Yes, please.
With your valuable help, my beloved followers on this and other social networks, I received the "Web Star Limelight" last night. Almost 100,000 times thank you. hvala?❤
  1. July 14: Saying no to alcohol, while saying yes to beer.
For the last 16 years, I have always loved to visit Beer and Flowers Festival in Laško. Two new developments this year. The first time I saw the flowers? Secondly, not because of the beer, which I tasted. Non-alcoholic one, which was also proved by the alcotest? #pivoincvetje #drinkresponsibly #noalcohol #beer 
  1. July 21: Flat landing?
One swallow usually doesn’t make a summer, but this one did so. After almost ten years I jumped into the water again. My ear was not impressed but my soul went crazy with excitement.? #swallow #swallowbird #jump #water #summer #years #likethefirsttime 
  1. July 25: Hipster Accessories: Renault 4 aka Katra #1
Now and then during the summer I come to work with a naturally acclimatized vehicle.  Superkatra??#airconditioning #hotsummer #naturalbreeze #superkatra #renault4 
  1. July 31: wet & cute swimmer Borut
Two more days of swimming and cycling. Then Luka and I are heading across Slovenia on foot again, To complete the 1000 km length we need to walk another 247km. We start from Lendava on Saturday morning.?#milestone #goals #1000km #walkingiscool #seeu 

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