Ljubljana Noted for Improved Accessibility

By , 06 Jan 2020, 19:49 PM Lifestyle
Ljubljana Noted for Improved Accessibility Twitter

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Ljubljana has been working hard to improve accessibility for everyone – putting in ramps, adding lifts to buses, offering the free Kavalir electric “car” service and attachments to motorise ordinary wheelchairs, as well as supporting the excellent Ljubljana By Wheelchair project (and here we’ll also highlight the pridem.si project that covers the whole of Slovenia).

These efforts have been recognized with the capital’s listing with four other cities as models for others to follow in the EU. The four others are Breda and Rotterdam (both in the Netherlands), Lyon (France), Chester (the UK). The full text, which can be found here, notes the projects mentioned above, plus the urban electric train, which is free to use and also has a free audio guide.

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