Mystery WWII Airstrikes on Idrija Finally Explained (VIDEO)

By , 18 Jan 2020, 20:32 PM Lifestyle
Idrija from the attacking plane, 1945 Idrija from the attacking plane, 1945 Screenshot of the embedded video

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During the last months of World War II, several airstrikes were carried out on the mining town of Idrija, destroying a good part of the settlement and taking the lives of many of its citizens. Questions about who the attackers were and what was their objective remained unclear for decades.

It was only by chance that the revelation came about in 2012, when a native of Idrija came across a photo of the attacks.

The 2018 documentary film The Bird of Steel over Idrija explains the events in 1945 with eye-witness accounts as well as never before seen footage of the attacks recorded by the film camera on the plane. The film is currently available on YouTube and comes with English subtitles.

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