Slovenia #13 for Social Mobility According to World Economic Forum

By , 26 Jan 2020, 17:20 PM Lifestyle
Slovenia #13 for Social Mobility According to World Economic Forum Photo: Neža Loštrek

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According to the World Economic Forum’s newly developed Social Mobility Index, Slovenia ranks the highest among Eastern European countries and 13th globally, just after France and before Canada.


Nordic countries perform best, with Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland at the top, and the world’s superpowers ranked somewhere in the middle, with the United States at 27, Russia at 39 and China at 45th place.

Historically, such indexes have analysed social mobility across generations by comparing the earnings of children with those of their parents, meaning that the time difference between the measure and its effect could amount to 30 or 40 years.

The newly proposed social mobility index produced by the WEF focuses on the drivers of relative social mobility instead of outcomes. It uses 10 pillars, which are then broken down into five determinants of social mobility: health, education, technology access, work opportunities, working conditions and fair wages and finally, social protection and inclusive institutions.

Such a Global Social Mobility Index reveals that there are only a few nations with the right conditions to foster social mobility, while most countries underperform in four areas: fair wage, social protection, working conditions and lifelong learning.

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