Your Living Room as a Stage: Couch Festival, February 8 – 16

By , 04 Feb 2020, 13:30 PM Lifestyle

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As already suggested in its name, Couch Festival (Kavč festival), although technically speaking a public festival, does in fact take place in people's living rooms, thereby combining elements of public performance with the safety and intimacy of a home.

In the programme there are mostly ethno-fusion concerts and puppet shows, but rock, jazz hip hop concerts and dance shows can also be found.

In previous years the festival only took place in Ljubljana, but since the concept proved to be working, its scope gradually grew so this year it is moving to various other cities around the country and over the border, including Maribor, Ptuj, Celje, Istria, Trst (Trieste), Nova Gorica and Kamnik.  

Hosts, who can apply here, can say who they would like to perform in their living room and how many people they can accommodate. Visitors are asked to bring a pair of slippers, snacks and a recommended voluntary contribution for the performers.  

For anyone who’d like to join as a visitor, and not a host, a free ticket needs to be booked via, then two hours before the show you’ll be sent the event’s address – within your city, of course. Since hosts can also be institutions, not only private individuals, don’t get too surprised if you get invited to a hospital, dormitory or smaller cafe.

For more on the performers, please click here.

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