Eddie Izzard Runs 14th Marathon in 14 Days in Ljubljana, 14 More Marathons & Days to Go

By , 14 Feb 2020, 14:54 PM Lifestyle
Eddie at the end of this run Eddie at the end of this run Twitter

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If you thought you saw Eddie Izzard in Ljubljana this morning – moving fast and looking cold, tired, miserable and yet resplendent in a bright rain jacket and lipstick – then you probably did. The British comedian, last seen in these parts on the Travel Man TV show on a flying visit to Slovenia (Ljubljana, Bled, Postojna), was back to spend time in the capital last night and this morning. On this trip he managed to see more than the usual tourist spots, as he was up at 4am (staying, it seems, in the Grand Hotel Union) to run marathon #14 in a 28-day project that’ll see him running the same distance each day, in a different EU capital (having started in London on January 31, aka the UK’s last day in the EU, albeit with an 11-month transition period).

Yesterday was Zagreb, today Ljubljana and tomorrow…well, the schedule isn’t posted online, but tomorrow Izzard will run another marathon, and then other…. Why? As he says on the related website:

I am attempting to run 28 marathons in 28 countries in 28 days, raising money for charities such as Unicef and their work with child refugees in Europe.

In our country and our world there has been far too much talk of division. We can change this by talking of unity.

As Europeans we have achieved so much since 1945, no matter how legal agreements might have changed over the years. Peace, friendship, trade, even love. A sharing of cultures without losing our identities. That is the true power of union.

So today, let’s start to put these divisions behind us. It is the perfect day to start something I have dreamt of doing for many years: run through 28 of the capitals of Europe.

I will attempt to run 28 marathons in 28 countries in 28 days, raising money for charity.

United, not divided, we can make humanity great again.

You can learn more about Izzard’s project here, while you can donate money here

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