Rent a Porsche Taycan in Slovenia with Actinia

By , 23 Jul 2020, 16:58 PM Lifestyle
Rent a Porsche Taycan in Slovenia with Actinia Photo: Tine Kušar

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Recently one of the most exciting new luxury cars on the market, the all-electric Porsche Taycan, has joined the fleet of the Slovenian car rental agency Actinia. The car is thus now available to sports and luxury car enthusiasts for a short- and long-term rental.

porsche taycan for rent in slovenia.jpg
Photo by Tine Kušar

The long-term car rental business was developed as a way of avoiding the responsibilities of car ownership and leasing, with significantly lower monthly rates that include all services such as basic and full comprehensive insurance, regular servicing and maintenance, winter and summer tires, vignette, roadside assistance, a replacement vehicle and alike.

All of this proves useful for companies and individuals, who would prefer not to deal with the responsibilities of car management and service or would like to know a car better before making a purchase. The latter is perhaps much more important with regard to luxury cars, a growing market which also includes the sharply growing, albeit much smaller, market for supercars.

porsche taycan on slovenian road.jpg
Photo by Tine Kušar

In this respect, certain interesting things are happening in the luxury car market, with Porsche Taycan representing the latest of exciting development. Firstly, Taycan won the 2020 World Car Awards in two categories, as the World Luxury Car and World Performance Car of the Year. Secondly, Taycan is the first all-electric Porsche, and thus has inspired much debate as to how it compared with the Tesla Model S, as it may emerge as challenger to Tesla’s current dominance in the field of luxury electric vehicles. 

Although Porsche R&D boss Michael Steiner has tried to avoid such comparisons by stating that Porsche does not compete in the same segment of “targeting the volume” Tesla does with more mass-market vehicles like the Model 3, and therefore he doesn’t consider Tesla a direct competitor to Porsche, the comparisons with Tesla Model S continue.

It is therefore even more exciting to know that Porsche Taycan 4S has most recently been added to the fleet of cars available at the Slovenian car rental service Actinia.

taycan for rent in slovenia.jpg
Photo by Tine Kušar

Price? With Actinia the Taycan will cost you €207 for a three-hour rental which includes 30km mileage, or €414 per day (100 km), €828 per weekend (300 km), €1,680 per week (700 km), €4,976 per month (3000 km) and €3,900 a month for two year rental.

In case you want to compare it with Tesla Model S, in Slovenia Elon Musk’s car is available with Autobroker at a slightly lower price compared to the Taycan, that is for €366 per day, €732 per weekend, €1490 for a week and €4390 per month.

Both Actinia and Autobroker also offer other, more affordable cars like Volkswagens and Škodas for a long term rental and If you don't find your desired vehicle there, you certainly will with Avantcar, whose website is also in English.


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