This Week in History: Feb 26 – March 4

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Kurt Cobain playing at Nirvana concert, Ljubljana, 1994 Kurt Cobain playing at Nirvana concert, Ljubljana, 1994 Youtube screenshot

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February 26, 2018

February 26

In 1988 Slovenian skier Mateja Svet won silver medal in the Winter Olympics slalom race in Calgary, Canada. Vreni Schneider from Switzerland won gold, while Christa Kinshofer from Germany took the bronze.


February 27

In 1994 Nirvana played their last full concert in Ljubljana, before the band's last ever shortened performance in Munich and Kurt Cobain's suicide on April 5th that year. More on the concert with some pictures here.


February 28

In 1893 newspaper Slovenec published a warning from the Carniolan Provincial government not to believe the empty promises of emigration agents, who were looking for farm labourers for coffee and sugar cane plantations in Brazil.

Before mass emigration to the United States of America a ”Brazilian rush” hit large parts of Slovenes in the last decade of the 19th century. After the end of slavery, Brazil was facing labour shortages and European farm workers were lured to the new world with unrealistic promises that stood in stark contrast to the letters sent home by expatriates pleading their families to send them money to escape the dreadful conditions on the plantations and return home.


March 1

In 1919 the leadership of the provincial government declared prostitution forbidden. Up until then there were brothels operating in every larger city, with two in Ljubljana, at Zvonarska ulica 11 and 13, which was then considered as the outskirts of the city. Brothels were strictly regulated in an attempt to curb the spread of syphilis and local authorities at first refused to close them down, despite the demands of local citizens. Public pressure intensified after the opening of the city school for boys nearby the brothels (today’s Prule elementary school). Although the two brothels in Ljubljana were eventually closed and pulled down even before the 1919 decree, the bad was not fully implemented until the Act on the Prevention of Venereal Disease, which banned all brothels in the territory of Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1934.


March 2

In 2013 the Slovenian skier Tina Maze won the second downhill race in her career, and thereby managed to win gold in all four alpine skiing categories in one season. Only three skiers before her managed to achieve this: Marc Girardelli, Petra Kronberger and Janica Kostelic.


March 3

In 2002 Slovenian track runner Jolanda Čeplak won the 800 m race with the indoor world record in the European Championship in Vienna.


March 4

In 1844 the Slovenian writer and publicist Josip Jurčič was born in Muljava near Stična. Jurčič is the author of the first Slovenian novel, The Tenth Brother (Deseti brat). Slovenian readers first encountered this writer through his humorous short story The Famous Goat Trial (Kozlovska sodba v Višnji gori), which has been translated into various languages.



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