Yoga Drop-in Classes for Tourists, Visitors and the Uncommitted in Ljubljana

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Yoga Drop-in Classes for Tourists, Visitors and the Uncommitted in Ljubljana Flickr - Dave Rosenblum, CC by 2.0

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Wherever you lay your mat, that’s your home. 

March 19, 2018

Yoga – written joga in Slovene, but pronounced the same as in English – is an easy addiction for the body-loving hedonist, as you stretch out and breathe, getting in touch with every joint and tendon, existing more fully within your skin and learning from the feedback of a well-done asana. With regular practice you’ll be relaxed, serene, and operating at a higher level of consciousness, when not wracked with pain, doubt, imbalances and an itch you can’t scratch in public.

While there are many yoga schools and teachers in Ljubljana, those in town for only a short time, or locals who’re less committed to the practice, will have to search for places offering something more casual, where you can just turn up and take a space on the floor if you don’t want to run through another class with Adriene in your room or do something on the grass in Tivoli Park.

We thus acted like a tourist and got in touch with the 14 yoga schools we could most easily find online and asked in English about drop-in classes, and this is what we learned from those who responded within 48 hours. (Summary: It’s usually possible, the fee is from 10 to 15 euros, and you should call, email or Facebook in advance.)

Note that clicking on any of the names will take you to the related Facebook page or website to make a booking, and while not all of the sites have English pages they’re all able to answer any questions you may have.

Agniyoga Centre: Beethovnova ulica 7, Ljubljana; +386 40 816 261

Hi! Yes they can come for a drop-in vist (12 euros). And in that case we mix some English in.

Bikram Joga: Ukmarjeva 6, Ljubljana; +386 30 372 714

Yes, I have many tourists visiting the studio. They can stay as long as they like.

Cityoga: Ulica Jožeta Jame 12, Ljubljana (Šiška) and Gosposka ulica 3, second floor, Ljubljana; +386 41 356 432

You're welcome to take a beginners’ class.

Flick - Dave Rosenbaum CC by 2.0 two yogis 03.jpg

Flicker - Dave Rosenbaum CC by 2.0

Genyoga: Mesarska 18, 1000 Ljubljana; +386 41 365 500

Yes, we have drop in classes, so anyone can join us. Our teachers also speak English. The schedule is available on our website and the cost of drop in class is 15 euros.

Joga Votlina: Tržaška cesta 2, Ljubljana; +386 51 354 963

It’s possible, but you should check in advance to see the availability.

Nataraja: Resljeva 1, 1000 Ljubljana (next to Dragon Bridge); +386 41 348 251

Yes, tourists can drop in to our classes at any time, and we then teach in English language since most Slovenians can understand it too. A drop-in class in our studio is 12 euros. We offer many different styles of yoga and have 11 teachers teaching.

No Stress Center: Ulica Milana Majcna 29a, Ljubljana; +386 40 701 633

Yes, we offer drop in yoga classes and we all speak English. We will be also offering regular classes in English starting in September. We use mindbody, so they can buy and book a class online. They should do that or call. They can drop in on all classes if they do not have prior experience, except for aerial classes.

Flick - Dave Rosenbaum CC by 2.0 two yogis 02.jpg

Flicker - Dave Rosenbaum CC by 2.0

Parinama Center: Cesta na Brdo 85, Ljubljana; +386 30 66 55 44

Yes, it is possible.

Devi Joga Center: Bobenčkova ulica 4, Ljubljana; +386 31 205-997, +386 1 256 1331

Yes, it’s possible.

Joga Studio Sadhana: Ukmarjeva 4, Ljubljana; +386 40 90 91 92

In general our yoga studio offers one-year yoga courses, but there are also some groups where students may come for just one or two class. Before visiting you should call or write and we’ll let you know what is possible.

Flick - Dave Rosenbaum CC by 2.0 two yogis 04.jpg

Flicker - Dave Rosenbaum CC by 2.0

Satya Yoga and Tantra Center: Celovška cesta 149, Ljubljana; +386 41 402 207

We offer an option for only one visit, and it costs 10 euros per class.

Shakti Yoga House: Šmartinska cesta 28 and Dimičeva ulica 16 (Bežigrad); +386 40 171 888

We have two yoga studios in LJubljana and a lot of tourists in our classes, becaise I usually teach in English. I have a lot of students from Russia, England, everyone is welcome.

Yogayama: Celovška Ulica 32, Ljubljana; Robert +386 70 772 713, Nataša +386 31 821 246

Yes, it’s possible. You can find the class schedule on our page and choose one, but please apply via e-mail or telephone, if possible.

If there's a yoga school that should be added to this list, please get in touch on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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