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Creating virtual reality content with VIAR Creating virtual reality content with VIAR

Travel to new places and see new things, all from the comfort of home. 

Imagine you could climb the Eiffel Tower, enjoy the beaches in Hawaii or be skiing down the slopes of Whistler even though you’re stuck in rainy London, foggy Ljubljana or just about anywhere else on this planet. Or you could check the rooms in the Marriott Hotel where you might stay and look around the lobby. Imagine reliving famous battles in history classes. Fighting alongside Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great or General Patton? These sound like the most interesting history lessons, right? How about getting inside a human body and studying how the nervous system works? All these experiences and more are provided to you by a Seattle-based Slovenian startup on a mission to help anyone go to places that they never imagined they could . They are called Viar Inc. ViarBox started in early March 2015, when the small team from Slovenia developed custom VR apps for clients. Since then Viarhas developed a Viar360 online platform to create content in virtual reality, which you can check out here.


Who is it for?
Teachers, journalists, coaches in corporations and marketing people often have poor technical skills. With this platform they will be able to create attractive, interactive stories and publish them on their applications, websites, or social networks without knowing about programming. Viar360 is the most intuitive white-label publishing platform that reduces the time, effort and knowledge required to create highly engaging interactive virtual reality experiences from 360 videos and photos.

It allows non-technical users to create interactive stories and publish them to their own existing mobile apps, websites, or social platforms. Once published, Viar’s built-in analytics track usage and user behaviour. Viar360 is already being used by some of the top US universities, agencies and corporations. They also created the ViarBox virtual reality headset, which is comfortable, durable and ready to use in seconds – unlike Google Cardboard.

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The Team Who Make This Happen

Viar was named the Slovenian Startup of the Year for 2017, an award which they won at the competition at the PODIM conference in May 2017, the biggest and most important entrepreneurship conference in the region.

Viar has three co-founders and is powered by a team of nine employees who have deep knowledge about the VR and AR industry, and decades of experience in technical development and computer graphics. Together they grew Viar from a small office in Celje to an international business with clients all around the globe. Their products are now being used by companies like Disney, Microsoft, Samsung, and Bosch, and from the USA to New Zealand.

The firm is now competing for another important award, the Startup of the Year at the Central European Startup Awards. You can support them and vote for them here.

If you want to learn more and try the ViarBox. you can order it here., and they also give out free samples!



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