Mobile Massage in Ljubljana Comes to Your Office, Home or Hotel

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Mobile Massage in Ljubljana Comes to Your Office, Home or Hotel All images from Sense Wellness

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If you're looking for a massage in Ljubljana and would like the service in your home, office or hotel, the a new mobile app and website could be just the thing to help you relax as you order you treatment. Sense Mobile Massage (Sense mobilna masaža) is the latest project from Andreja Medvedic, whose varied career has taken her from a young architect associated with NSK in the late 80s (and as seen in Laibach’s video for Sympathy for the Devil), to running the Vision Factory  advertising agency with Iztok Abersek during the industry’s boom years post-Slovene independence, to her latest venture, an app that puts tired, stressed or comfort-loving customers in touch with top quality massage therapists who can come to their hotel, office or home, letting people enjoy spa treatments wherever they are in Ljubljana.

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The business is a new one, but has a solid foundation, as Medvedic has been running the Sense Wellness brand for over ten years. It started in 2004 with a spa in the basement of Austria Trend, and it’s here that her background in architecture and interior design can be seen to great effect. Yes, the wellness centre is underground, but it turns out this is ideal for giving the feeling of stepping into another world, with the high ceilings, jacuzzi, giant beds and so on creating a womb-like sense of comfort that’s hard to leave, and over the last 14 years many thousands of visitors and residents have come here to enjoy a sauna, treatment and massage in Ljubljana.

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Still, a basement lacks a view, and so the next step for Sense Wellness was to look for a second location above ground. This was found in 2016 with the penthouse of Ljubljana’s fanciest old hotel, the Grand Hotel Union. Here you can enjoy a full range of spa treatments, including massages and saunas, as well as a swimming with a terrace that offers a fantastic view of the city, looking over the old town and up at the Castle.

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A varied range of massages in Ljubljana from a company you can trust

With a growing number of people coming to Ljubljana for business and pleasure both wellness centres have kept busy catering to the needs of visitors and locals who want to relax and feel pampered with a gentle Asian treatment, or get their muscles worked on with a deeper sports massage.

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Andreja Medvedic at work

“But unless you’re staying in Austria Trend or the Grand Union you still have travel to one the centres,” Medvedic says when we meet for a coffee. “You get all relaxed, maybe stay longer and chill out, but then you still need to get dressed and drive home. This isn’t ideal. So I had the idea of a mobile wellness centre, where we’d send a therapist to your location, and after the treatment you can really relax, maybe even fall asleep.”

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And thus was born the idea for the Sense Wellness Mobile Massage App, developed in cooperation with a UK-based firm that specialises in such technology and makes it easy to use for an international audience. The soft-launch was a month ago, and the system is running smoothly and already serving customers at home, in hotels and at work. People simply use the app or website to choose a therapist, treatment, time and place, with a massage bed or chair, along with any oils or lotions needed, being brought to the set location. Customers can then relax in confidence that they’re working with an organisation that has both a long history and associations with two of the best hotels in town, with professional, certified masseuses and masseurs who know the services they offer and take pride in their work. (As a side note, and to clear up any confusion, both the app and centres offer only therapeutic massages, and any attempt to lead an appointment in a sexual direction will result in its immediate termination. The company respects and values both its customers and staff, with professionalism the key word at all times.)

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In the interests of research I recently had a Royal Thai Massage to learn more than I ever could by reading about the service, albeit at the Grand Union Hotel’s Sense Wellness Centre rather than at home or in the office. It was, as advertised, a long and relaxing experience that saw my cares and concerns melt away along with any tension in my muscles, and after the first few minutes or so of thinking about what was happening I surrendered to the skilled fingers, knuckles and elbows of my masseuse and thought nothing, felt nothing, just a gentle pleasure that left my body feeling renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated..

The one thing that could have improved things? If I didn’t have to get dressed and leave, so the next time perhaps I’ll be making a booking at home, which also happens to be my office.

If you’d like to learn more about the range of treatments on offer by Sense Wellness, then you can visit the website for more details on all their services in the Grand Union Hotel and Austria Trend, or the website for the mobile massage service, download the related app for Android or Apple. And for a limited time there’s a 20% discount with the code MEGA20SENSE – that’s “two zero”, while referring another customer to the service will also get you a discount.

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