Viberate, an Innovative Slovenian Platform that Will Revolutionize the World of Music

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The Viberate team The Viberate team Viberate
The company will share more than one million dollars in crypto tokens among its users in 2018. 
January 12, 2018
Viberate is a crowdsourced live music ecosystem and blockchain-based marketplace, where musicians are matched with booking agencies and event organizers. They are listing profiles of over 150,000 artists, 2,000 booking agencies, 60,000 venues and 500,000 events.
Their vision is, as they say, to revolutionize the way musicians are presented and booked, as well as to open the world of live music to everyone, and they will do that by decentralizing the discovery and booking processes with the use of the blockchain technology.
How can you use Viberate?
 The Viberate platform allows you to search through an extensive database of musicians, venues and events, with over 150,000 musicians enrolled, including the UK’s Robbie Williams. Musicians can present their compositions to fans and concert organizers through Viberate, who can also contact them through the platform. Musicians, on the other hand, can find managers in the same way.
Moreover, Viberate enables the owners of concert venues and concert organizers to organize and promote concerts and other events. Based on various analyses and scales they can decide which artists to invite to their events, and can also contact them through the platform.
For music professionals, event organizers and other interested parties, it enables connections with musicians, contracting and payment in crypto and other currencies, and doing contracts through block chain technology, and they believe that this technology can change the way business operates and prevent fraud, which is often the case with conventional bank transfers to musicians, say the manager and co-founder of the company Matej  Gregorčič and Uroš Umek, another co-founder and one of the most successful Slovenian DJs.
The platform however is not intended for professionals only. Fans from all over the world can browse through data, search for other similar artists, get acquainted with different venues, find interesting events nearby and also buy tickets for these, while the platform enables selling tickets on the secondary market.
Viberate will distribute more than one million dollars among its users
According to the Slovenian media, over the past year the members of the Viberate team worked hard, and their progress and plans were presented last month. The first public offering of tokens made by Viberate, called VIB was extremely successful. The target of $12 million was achieved, and 120 million tokens were sold in less than five minutes, so they enlarged their team, now up to 40 more employees in Ljubljana, which they plan to double this year. 
Today, the token VIB is traded on five exchanges around the world, with daily trading volumes reaching as much as $7 million dollars. Moreover, Viberate have recently started collaborating with Changelly, a service for users who are just getting to know the crypto scene, and who wish to purchase tokens with a credit card.
However, the company emphasizes that it does not yet have any revenues, because at this stage this is not their goal. Moreover, the resources they currently have will be sufficient for the next four years, after which they expect to become profitable. 
In 2017 the firm they introduced a new, upgraded system for rewarding users who have helped (and are helping) them build the largest database of musicians, event venues and events in the world. Users are rewarded for each new profile they enter into their database, which will enable Viberate to distribute around $ 1.2 million of their VIB crypto coins among users.
Luckily for all, the system proved to be extremely successful, as the number of profiles entered was increased by 25 times as soon as the system was set up. The platform now has about 50,000 users, and approximately 500 to 1,000 new users from approximately 70 countries join each day. Gregorčič adds that the company expects to have at least one million users in the next year.
Another successful collaboration they started last year was with one of the world's largest talent agencies, Paradigm, with which Viberate will be promoted at music conferences and events around the world. 
Find more about them and how to use Viberate here.

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