Lendava Enters Guinness Book of Records with World's Largest Bograč

By , 15 Feb 2022, 13:40 PM Made in Slovenia
Lendava Enters Guinness Book of Records with World's Largest Bograč YouTube

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STA, 15 February 2022 - The largest serving of bograč, a traditional Prekmurje dish, was cooked in Lendava on 4 September 2021, the Guinness Book of Records officially confirmed on Monday. The cooking team prepared 1,801 kilogrammes of the dish in a single cauldron.

It took 16 hours for six cooks and 20 assistants to prepare the dish is typically made of three types of meat, wine and potato.

Slovenian Recipe of the Week: Bograč from Prekmurje

The team consisted of professional cooks, members of the town's and local communities, local tourism board and firefighters.

It took more than three hours just to roast the 400 kilogrammes of onion. The largest serving of bograč in the world also contained four kilos of garlic, 220kg of beef, 160kg of game, 300kg of pork, 400kg of potato, 22kg of spices and 12 litres of local wine.

About 3,500 portions were distributed to visitors.

The cauldron was borrowed from the Velika Polana municipality, which made the world's largest serving of sour turnip hot pot in 2013, by cooking 1,089.5 kilogrammes of the dish.

Lendava was proclaimed the World Capital of bograč in 2011, and bograč is part of Slovenia's tradition and gastronomic heritage.

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