Adriatic Elements: Natural Cleaning Products, Handmade in Slovenia, by South Africans

By , 12 May 2022, 17:54 PM Made in Slovenia

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It isn't always easy to find work as an immigrant, which is why so many start their own businesses and thus add to the vitality and vigour of the countries they settle in. Such is the case with Werner and Nardia, founders of Adriatic Elements. Curious to learn more, we got in touch with couple and asked some questions...


Tell us about your journey. Why Slovenia ?

We are originally from Cape Town, South Africa, where in 2016, Nardia started the now well known “Leaf Jou” brand of handmade natural products. Five years later we decided to relocate as a family to Slovenia and from this Adriatic Elements was born. We could not resist Slovenia’s emerald waters, beautiful mountains and clean air to call home. We now source the elements needed to manufacture Nardia’s natural products right here in the heart of Europe. We found Slovenians to be connected to Mother Nature on many levels, be it their love of hiking and the outdoors , or growing their own organic vegetables in urban gardens all over Slovenia.

What products do you make ?

The first products to be produced right here in Slovenia are our 100% natural dishwasher tablets. They are made of biodegradable ingredients, are vegan friendly and packed in a biodegradable, compostable container. Customers love the lemongrass aroma of the essential oil in the tablets.

We also make biodegradable laundry powder that are unscented, contains no sulphates or phthalates and is compatible with grey water systems.  Suitable for sensitive or allergy prone skin.

Watch this space as we are working on launching our natural bubble bath powder, laundry softener and solid dish washing soap bar in the near future.


What do you like about Slovenia the most ?

As a family we love the balance between work, play and family time. We love the outdoors, natural beauty and proximity of the elements, including the Adriatic that inspires us to develop new products that are friendly to the environment.

How are you finding the language ?

Challenging but not insurmountable! We are practicing and learning new words on a daily basis. It is important to us to engage every client or potential customer in their mother tongue. Our labels are also all in Slovene, since the products are proudly made in Slovenia.  


Why do you think people need these products ?

There is no Planet B. We still have time to save and renew what we have. We believe Slovenia is proof of this, by nurturing your environment and making conscious and sustainable choices.

What is your vision for the company ?

Moving away from harmful everyday chemical products has been our mission since day one. The prevalence of carcinogenic ingredients in cleaning products we use in and around our homes and bodies are frightening.  We decided to change the world and people’s consumer habits one product at a time. The natural alternatives just make so much more sense:  no harm to you, your children or the environment.


coming soon...bubble bath powder

Where can people try or buy your products ?

You can visit our website or drop us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for sales, trade enquiries, samples or just to chat. We will also be selling our products in Health and Bio stores, including Trgovina Suzana in Radovljica, at Ulica Staneta Žagarja 2b.

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