Croatia Starts Fining Slovene Fishermen in Piran Bay

By , 24 Apr 2018, 10:07 AM News
Croatia Starts Fining Slovene Fishermen in Piran Bay Montage: JL Flanner

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STA, 23 April 2018 - The bureaucratic tug-of-war in the Piran Bay, the traditional central theatre of the border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia, has been stepped up by the Croatian side, which has started issuing fines to Slovenian fishermen through its fisheries inspection, TV Slovenija has reported. 

With Croatia refusing to acknowledge the course of the border as determined in international arbitration last year, fishermen on both sides have been taking the brunt of the bureaucratic blows resulting from the different interpretations of the border on both sides.

According to TV Slovenija, Croatia is now using not only its maritime police but also its fisheries inspection to issue fines to Slovenian fishing boats.

The public broadcaster said six fishermen from Koper and Izola have so far been fined by the Croatian inspection. One of them has EUR 28,000 worth of fines sent to him by mail.

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