Floods in Slovenia, Especially Along Drava (Videos)

By , 30 Oct 2018, 16:30 PM News
Piran Piran neurje.si's Facebook, photographer: Franjo Kravos

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STA, 30 October 2018 - The night rain and wind have caused problems around Slovenia, but these have for now mostly remained limited to roads blocked by fallen trees, stormwater and minor flooding of some rivers. While the worst was still expected along the Drava river in the afternoon, the latest reports are more optimistic. 

Prime Minister Marjan Šarec is visiting Dravograd, Maribor and Ptuj, the largest cities along the Drava in the northeast of the country, this morning.

Speaking to the press in Dravograd, he said that civil protection and disaster relief units had reacted in time and that things were under control.

Dravograd Deputy Mayor Anton Preksavec is also relieved, saying the worst seems to have been avoided and that the latest hydro reports for the Drava indicated there would be no major damage.

The latest reports indeed announced lower peak levels for the Drava than initially expected. The warning has been downgraded from red to orange, but this still means some flooding.

Meanwhile, the Koroška region in the north, the northeastern Gorenjska region and Primorska in the west saw the biggest problems during the night.

While the problems mostly remained limited to fallen trees and minor flooding, 36 people were evacuated in the Belca village in Gorenjska due to a landslide.

In Gorenjska, which will also be visited by Šarec in the afternoon, 626 households remained without electricity, and fallen trees and a destroyed waterfront road cut off the villages of Dolina and Jelendol.

A helicopter of the Slovenian Armed Forces has delivered a power generator and other basic necessities to Jelendol, parts of which have also been left without water. According to the latest reports, nobody was injured during the storm.

Flooding had also been feared on the coast, but it was only reported for the most exposed areas. Operations at the Koper port are proceeding normally.

The damage caused by the torrential rain and strong winds is still being assessed across the country.

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