Slovenian Railway to Build New Railway Tracks from Dolgi Most to Ljubljana

By , 10 Jan 2018, 13:51 PM News
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The traffic jams in Ljubljana are about to become lighter. 
January 10, 2018
The Directorate for Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia intends to build railway stations at Lavrica and Dolgi Most near the P + R parking lot by the end of July 2018, and the same time will arrange and upgrade seven train stations in Ljubljana: Tivoli, Litostroj, Brinje, Ježica, Vodmat, Stegne and Medno. The investments are estimated to cost more than EUR 2,7 million.
After a decade of unsuccessful negotiations, this is one of the first examples where the Municipality of Ljubljana and the state institutions will cooperate to solve the traffic jams in the city, and the move is very significant not only for that reason, but also because there are no plans for building a subway in Ljubljana, at least in the near future.
According to reports by the Slovenian media, every day around 116 000 people commute to Ljubljana in private vehicles where they are the only passenger, so it would be appropriate to reconstruct the train stations at Rudnik and Galjevica, as well as along the Zasavje route in Polje and Zalog.
This construction plan is aimed at developing suburban public passenger transport. The aim of constructing new railway stops on the tracks of Ljubljana railway is to redirect the passengers travelling from suburban and urban areas from other types of transport to public rail. Due to their location, the Dolgi Most and Lavrica railway stations offer an alternative to those who drive their cars each day to the centre of Ljubljana and back, noted from the Railway Department of the Directorate for Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia.

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