Slovenian Passport Among the Weakest in Europe

By , 10 Jan 2018, 18:21 PM News
Slovenian Passport Among the Weakest in Europe Neža Loštrek

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Germany the strongest. 

January 10, 2018

The International Air Transport Association has produced a list of the most powerful passports, based on how many countries they gain visa-free access too, as reported by Business Insider.

Germany tops the list, with 177 countries now waving its citizens through passport control, out of 195, with Singapore in second place, with travel document smiled upon by 176 nations. Meanwhile, Slovenia is in 11th place, along with Liechtenstein and Slovakia, with untroubled travel to 167 states.

While this number is still impressive, and far more than the bottom ranked passports, which open doors in 30 or fewer countries, the nation on the sunny side of the Alps still ranks below many of its European peers, such as Germany (177); Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, and the UK (175); Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland (174); Ireland and Portugal (173); Greece (171); Malta (169); and Hungary (168).

According to the website Passport Index, some of the differences between Slovenia and Germany with regard to visa-free travel include Australia, Ethiopia, Guyana, Lesotho, Mongolia, Namibia, South Africa, and Vietnam.

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