What the Papers Say: Friday, January 12, 2018

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What the Papers Say: Friday, January 12, 2018 Flickr - Jeena Paradies, (CC by 2.0)

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A shot of news to start the day. 

The STA has prepared the following round-up of headlines from the Slovenian dailies for January 12, 2018:


"Ray of hope for wind farms": The Energy Agency has picked 93 projects involving renewable energy sources that will receive ten million euro in state support. Wind farms would be built as part of as many as 37 projects. (front page, 3)

Prices of health services
"Disaster: Prices in health subject to agreement": The general assembly of the Health Insurance Institute (ZZZS) is expected to endorse today a EUR 2.847bn financial plan for 2018 after the previous plan was rejected in December. (front page, 2)

Rail expansion project
"Really a hostage of Hungary?": Cooperation with Hungary, which the opposition Left strongly opposes, and the pending decision of the Constitutional Court on the referendum campaign rules are the biggest obstacles to the Divača-Koper rail expansion. (front page, 4)


Public sector strikes
"Will those with lowest pay again be left empty-handed?": Trade unions representing public sector employees in the lowest pay brackets, such as cleaners, janitors and cooks, are concerned by the strikes announced by public sector employees. They fear they will again be left empty-handed. (front page, 4)

Ljubljana waste management
"They'd gasify waste near Toplarna or in Letališka Street": After reporting that Ljubljana is seeking to build a facility to convert waste into gas for heating yesterday, the paper brings some key information about the project. (front page, 9)


Stock exchange
"Which shares are the most promising": The prices of shares on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange will go up by 10% this year, analysts say. (front page, 10-11)

Public sector pay demands
"Why must Cerar say no to public sector": The pay demands of public sector employees are estimated at EUR 990m. PM Miro Cerar must now find a way to appease public sector employees while protecting public finances. (front page, 2-3)

EU directive on pay cards
"Bye, bye credit card fees": The paper brings answers to 13 questions related to the new EU rules on pay services, which will come into force tomorrow. (front page, 4)


Drava hydro power stations
"Millions for slime": The operator of hydro power stations on the Drava river (DEM) has made a five-year contract worth EUR 5m with the company RGP on the removal of access slime, but slime is still piling up. (front page, 8-9)

SDS's loan contract
"SDS breaks off contentious contract": The opposition Democratic Party (SDS) has returned the money it received as loan from an individual from Bosnia and Herzegovina and terminated the loan contract. The deal is nevertheless being investigated. (front page, 3)

Public sector talks
"Trade unions' appetites worth billion": The government and public sector trade unions are in for months of tough talks on pay, with the public administration minister labelling the demanded amounts of money "enormous". (front page, 2)

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