Photo of the Week: Sunset Over Mt. Triglav

By , 29 Jun 2018, 10:47 AM Photo of the Month
Photo of the Week: Sunset Over Mt. Triglav © Marko Florijančič

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In the kingdom of the goldhorn. 

June 29, 2018

It’s said that all true Slovenes should climb Mount Triglav at least once, and while we admire the sentiment and aspiration to greater physical fitness and daring the ascent is perhaps not suitable for everyone born on the sunny side of the alps, with such provenance in their ancestry, or a long-term residence visa and basic language skills. But the mountains do occupy a key place in the soul of the nation, and no visit to the country is complete, in our opinion, without venturing into Triglav National Park and getting some sense of the awesome majesty of the topography in this region, and its implications for culture, climate and so on.

And thus while we tend to spend our time behind a desk or in a café, we’re grateful for the efforts of those who go out into the wilds and take their cameras to bring back images with which we can daydream of a more active existence, one with the cool, clean mountain air and views beyond comprehension. One such individual is Marko Florijančič, who took the picture at the top of this page, and who’s work can be seen both on Instagram, where he shares a lot more stunning scenes of the great outdoors, and his professional website, where you can see his portrait and other photographs.

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