Mount Sneznik from Prezganje Hill

By , 17 Jan 2020, 14:27 PM Photo of the Month
Mount Sneznik from Prezganje Hill © Ian Middleton

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There are many mountains in Slovenia, especially the ones that dominate the northern horizon. But off to the south, lying amid the Karst Regions of Southern Slovenia is a lone peak that is often overlooked, but equally deserving of a look; and in this case, a good photograph. Mount Sneznik is the highest peak in Southern Slovenia.

This photo was actually taken from a hilltop in Prezganje, in the eastern hills of Ljubljana. On this hill you get a stunning view of all the mountains this country has to offer, and while it’s easy to get carried away photographing the mighty peaks of the Kamnik Alps and Julian Alps, on a clear day the peak of Mount Sneznik is also visible to the south, and almost seems to be calling out not to be forgotten.

For more about Prezganje Hill and it's stunning views, watch my video below.

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