Nature is the Greatest Artist

By , 02 Mar 2018, 09:32 AM Photo of the Month
Narava je največji umetnik .... Narava je največji umetnik .... Grega Gobovc

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March 2, 2018

To be honest, we’re hoping this is the last week when a picture of snow or ice turns up here for many, many months, and that images of spring start to flood these pages. But given the extreme temperatures that hit all of Europe in recent days a scene like this was inevitable, and we’ll take beauty where we find it.

Titled “Narava je največji umetnik ....”, or “Nature is the greatest artist…”, it was taken in Dolgo Brdo pri Mlinšah (Zasavje) on a cold winter evening, a trip into the frozen air we’re grateful the photographer, Grega Gobovc decided to brave.

Mr Gobovc is an amateur photographer, who works without a website, Instagram and so on, posting his work on Facebook and sharing it with the group Lepote Slovenije, one that’s well worth following if you want to see this country through the eyes of its hundreds of active members, and to get more beauty in your newsfeed.

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