Conservative Activists Upset as Slovenia Confirms Marriage, Adoption Equality

By , 09 Jul 2022, 09:42 AM Politics
Aleš Primc, of the Children are at Stake Coalition Aleš Primc, of the Children are at Stake Coalition YoiuTube

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STA, 8 July 2022 - Aleš Primc of the Children are at Stake Coalition believes the Constitutional Court's decision to allow gay marriage and adoption is scandalous, unfair and ideological. He said the decision contravened the Constitution because two of the nine judges were biased.

The Constitutional Court announced on Friday that it had decided in two separate 6:3 votes that legislation under which only heterosexual partners can marry and same-sex couples cannot adopt children was in contravention of the constitutional ban on discrimination.

Primc said in a press release that the decision went against the principle of fairness, natural law and Slovenian culture.

"Constitutional Court justices squandered the decision of 1,085,275 citizens who said in three referendums that Slovenia's legislation must protect the basic human rights of children to having a mother and a father and the natural characteristics of the female and male sex."

He claims the decision to be "criminal" from the aspect of demography and could be considered treason. "For 40 years Slovenia has been failing to reach the birth rate needed for natural regeneration of the population."

He believes the decision violates Article 53 of the Constitution, which says that "the state shall protect the family, motherhood, fatherhood, children, and young people and shall create the necessary conditions for such protection".

Moreover, the decision goes against the Constitution because it included two biased judges: Katja Šugman Stubbs took part in the 2018 referendum campaign on the side of LGBT activists, and so did Aleksander Čeferin, brother of Constitutional Court judge Rok Čeferin, said Primc, referring to a referendum that enacted the provisions overturned today.

He believes the decision will become the foundation for artificial insemination of women without a husband or partner, for children trafficking, and for the exploitation of poor women, who will "receive money to conceive, give birth and sell their children to rich clients".

The Children are at Stake Coalition intends to step up its fight for children's rights and their values.

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