MP Violeta Tomič Sent White Powder, a Threat But Not Dangerous

By , 22 May 2020, 21:26 PM Politics
MP Violeta Tomič Sent White Powder, a Threat But Not Dangerous Photo: Levica (Facebook)

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Thursday, 21 May, the Levica MP Violeta Tomič received an envelope containing white powder to her home address. A subsequent test showed no presence of harmful substance in the envelope. Two people who came in contact with the mail had to wait for the final results of its contents in quarantine.

Tomič informed the public about the event via her Facebook account, stating that she called police immediately after opening the envelope.

I expected a visit by a police officer, who I thought would make a record or some similar routine. But since it’s a potentially life threatening event, three fire engines and three police cars suddenly appeared under my window! The street has been closed down, neighbours can’t get home, while I am together with my family, dog and cat locked into quarantine. Such is the protocol I was told.

The highly strung person who sent the package should next time ask themselves, who it really is that they are harming. How many people had to waste time with investigating at my home, analyzing the substance and search for fingerprints instead of concluding the day in peace. After all – how much do these kind of actions cost the state – would it not be better for everyone if this money were spent on something useful?

Tomič also stated that she would like to pass on to the perpetrator that if this action was designed to scare her, they did not succeed.

Unfortunately I’ve already got used to threats and insults and neither will letters with powders discourage me from my work and my political beliefs. On the contrary, such actions only strengthen my confidence that we must resist with all our might the policy of hatred that rules us.

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