Clear-out of Rog Finds Drugs, Suspected Stolen Goods, Many Tonnes of Waste

By , 28 Jan 2021, 12:05 PM Politics
Clear-out of Rog Finds Drugs, Suspected Stolen Goods, Many Tonnes of Waste Tit Bonač from Slovenia, CC-by-SA-2.0

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STA, 27 January 2021 - In just over a week after the Ljubljana City authorities started clearing out the disused bicycle factory Rog following contested squatter evictions, large quantities of what appear to be stolen goods and drugs have been found at the old factory complex, according to the Ljubljana municipality.

The municipality said in a press release on Wednesday that the city's utility company had found a number of new household appliances, still in their original packaging.

Moreover, a large amount of used and new drug needles, as well as large quantities of illegal substances, were also found, the press release said.

Workers clearing out the premises also found nearly 400 bikes, bike wheels and bike frames, many of which seem quite new, the press release said, adding that the police had been notified of these finds.

The press release also said that all belongings of former Rog residents had been recorded and are now available for takeover.

So far, nearly 43 tonnes of waste has been removed, with the utility company estimating that at least three time as much waste still remains on the premises.

"Most of the rooms at Rog were literally overflowing with waste. This, in addition to dangerous chemicals in the galvanising section of what was once a leather factory and asbestos roofing, makes for an environmental time bomb," the press release said, referring to the leather factory that operated on the premises before these became a bike factory.

The Ljubljana municipality also said today that it started tearing down "dangerous and dilapidating constructions near the main factory building, which, in turn, is listed as a cultural monument and will be completely renovated".

The municipality is determined to clear out the waste as soon as possible, so that the planned investments may be launched in a few months, the press release said.

The new Center Rog is to provide more than 8,000 square metres of modern production space for more than 500 artists and creative groups, it added.

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