Signatures Filed to Parliament to Repeal Several Laws Passed by Janša Govt – New Govt Says It Will Support Changes

By , 25 Apr 2022, 15:30 PM Politics
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STA, 25 April - The 8 March Institute (Inštitut 8. marec) has filed to parliament some 10,000 signatures in support of its bill aimed at repealing several government-sponsored laws the NGO finds harmful. Its head Nika Kovač said she expected the new government to support the bill as its first move, and proceed to address the situation at public broadcaster RTV Slovenija,.

Kristina Kranjc, a member of the NGO's programme board, said the bill features 11 proposals that will change some laws passed under the Janez Janša government.

If passed, the bill will prevent Uber from entering the Slovenian market, enable environmental NGOs to promote the interests of nature, and enable police to work independently from politics.

The Freedom Movement, the election winner, has assured the NGO even before the election that it would support the bill.

Tija Jakič, another member of the board, said that the NGO hoped that cooperation between parliamentary parties and the civil society would continue.

The NGO has managed to collect 15,000 verified signatures, whereas only 5,000 are needed for a civil group to file a bill to the National Assembly.

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