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11 May 2021, 09:19 AM

STA, 10 May 2021 - Laibach have announced a new European tour called The Coming Race, which is to start at the end of October. Before that, the band is scheduled to perform at the Exit Festival in Serbia in July. Whether the festival will happen at all, given the current situation, will be known in the coming weeks.

"The organisers assure us that the festival is confirmed and advertise it as such. We will know in the next few days or weeks whether it will actually happen or whether it will be postponed again," the group said of the Exit festival in Novi Sad, which is scheduled for 8-11 July.

Laibach also announced a new European tour, The Coming Race, with the first concert planned on 29 October in Schorndorf, Germany, although they said that the real tour begins next year. The first part will be in February, the second part probably in the autumn. In the meantime, they plan to play a few more concerts and festival appearances.

The form and structure of their tour abroad are unclear, as it depends on the epidemiological situation, and the situation in the countries they plan to visit is currently similar to Slovenia. On their official website, Laibach announced concerts in Germany, Belgium, Romania, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic until the end of February 2022.

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"Concert programmes are diverse, because sometimes we perform at festivals and we generally present a festival programme there, while other times the organisers have expressed the wish for a programme with more emphasis on the diversity of our repertoire," the group explained.

The upcoming tour will feature some new material from the soundtrack album for the film Iron Sky: The Coming Race. In the coming months, Laibach also plan to release a new album with Mute Records, Wir sind das Volk. It is based on the texts of the distinguished German playwright and poet Heiner Müller, created as part of a project also named Wir sind das Volk at the Hebbel am Ufer theatre in Berlin.

"We might also mention that we have just released a documentary album We Forge The Future under the independent Austrian label GOD Records, featuring footage of our concert at Madrid's Reina Sofia Museum in 2017, which coincided with the exhibition Capital to Capital," the group added.

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11 Sep 2020, 12:14 PM

STA, 11 September 2020 - The legendary Slovenian band Laibach will perform at Ljubljana Castle for the first time ever to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The organisers had to reduce the capacity of the courtyard to the allowed 500 visitors due to Covid-19 safety measures, so the band added an extra concert on Saturday, which was also sold out.

According to the Ljubljana Castle website, the Laibach concert was planned as the opening event of the Dragon Festival, a traditional three-day event on the castle hill. Due to the current situation, most of the planned programme had to be cancelled or postponed to 2021. However, the Laibach concert marking the 40th anniversary of the band will go through as planned.

Laibach is one of the most famous and recognized Slovenian bands, well established on the international alternative or independent music scene. In its musical expression, Laibach combines different genres, from an experimental industrial sound to symphonic "militant" classicism and electronic music, the organisers wrote.

Laibach is the principal founder of the retro-avant-garde art movement in Slovenia, along with other groups from the art movement known as Neue Slowenische Kunst. Since its beginnings, the band has been creatively combining music with other media at live performances.

"Due to their uncompromising artistic attitude, as well as penetrating analysis of the political ideology of totalitarianism, Laibach had faced many difficulties, and between 1983 and 1987 the band was officially banned in Yugoslavia and Slovenia," the organisers recalled.

Ticket holders will also have access to a limited series of calendars for 2021 with 12 illustrations of the band members intertwined with photographs of Ljubljana Castle.

26 Aug 2019, 11:55 AM

STA, 12 August 2019 - Slovenia will be the country in focus at viennacontemporary 2019, the largest international art fair in Austria, which will take place in Vienna from 26 to 29 September.

The fair will feature more than 100 galleries and 500 artists from 25 countries, providing a glimpse into the contemporary art scene in Central and Eastern Europe.

In focus will actually be a state without territory, the NSK State in Time, an ongoing project launched by the controversial Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art collective.

The virtual state debuted in 1992 as a reaction to NSK's own activities and to political developments following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It emerged a year after Slovenia gained independence, showing the artists' disapproval of national borders and promoting transnationality.

The State in Time boasts more than 15,000 citizens with their own NSK passports from around the globe, who held their first congress in Berlin in 2010.

Find out how to get your passport here

"The situation in Europe and the world shows just how relevant the NSK State in Time still is," viennacontemporary curator Johanne Chromik said during a recent presentation of the art show in Ljubljana.

Chromik also said the Slovenian section of the show had been curated by Tevž Logar, an up-an-coming Slovenian curator and art lecturer, who had chosen 13 artists.

Four Slovenian galleries will also be presented in Vienna, namely the Photon Gallery, Fotografija Gallery, P74 Centre and Gallery, and the Ravnikar Gallery Space.

Viennacontemporary is foremost a platform for art galleries to get new contacts, at the same time fostering dialogue and research.

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16 Feb 2019, 12:48 PM

February 16, 2019

Delo reports that Barbara Šerbec, known as Šerbi, died yesterday at the age of 58, following years of diabetes-related health trouble.

Šerbi was a member of a 1980s group called Agropop. The group started at Radio Student as a bunch of city kids making fun of their country cousins, but ended being embraced at the both ends of the joke.

Delo once wrote that Agropop “perfectly combines cosmopolitanism with gardening in the most beautiful country on the sunny side of the Alps. Their importance for Slovenia’s independence is as great as the importance of Pankrti and Laibach. If Pankrti undermined the Party and Laibach undermined the State, then Agropop did that to the nation. These groups did not just mock their targets, but identified with them from a distance.”


13 Oct 2018, 15:18 PM

A documentary on the band Laibach, in Slovene with English subtitles. 

13 Sep 2018, 10:28 AM

A three-day festival where art meets technology. 

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