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06 Jul 2019, 17:12 PM

Another in our occasional series of Slovenian memes, aka jazjaz ("me me"), to provide relatively simple, relatively amusing sentences in the target language of choice for many of our readers, with a translation under each image. See earlier posts here.

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When you finish writing a test and your classmates start telling you the correct answers.

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Finally, a parking space for fat people who like barbecues! ("fat" here is "strong", so something of a euphemism)

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Him: Why do you never tell me when you've had an orgasm? / Her: I don't want to call you at work.

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Nine-year-old me when I saw the moon in the daytime. "Impossible"

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This could be us...but the potatoes are not going to plant themselves

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Austrians are Germanized Slovenes. Change my mind

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Is 5 big? / Depends on the context / Perecentage? No / Grade? Yes

slovenain memes slovene memes jazjaz (4).jpg

When your cat has watched too much Masterchef

slovenain memes slovene memes jazjaz (2).jpg

When I was born I had two choices / A big penis or good memory / What did you choose? / I don't remember

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04 Apr 2019, 19:59 PM

April 4, 2019

This week’s collection of Slovenian memes (jazjaz, in slang) can’t hide the fact that the average age of a Slovenian meme fan is somewhere below 18. Which might actually be useful to a learner of the language, as not only are memes a simple and fun learning material, but might also help you realise how some things never change.

Me in elementary school getting a 2
Me in high school getting a 2


When you leave all your homework for Sunday night
When you use a calculator during a test to make sure how much is 8+5


  1. Add a teabag 2. Pour in boiling water 3. Wait till it cools 4. Forget you prepared tea


meme mojistarsinevejo.jpg
My parents don't realise that I could be a junky, crook or drunk, and they complain because I didn’t tidy a plate from my room


Saturday night vs Sunday morning


When you send lecture notes to your classmate


37946310_496937190767183_5071882534309068800_o (1).jpg
‘Before execution”
Guard: What do you want for your last meal?
Girl: I don’t care. What would you like to eat?


Username: admin
Password: admin


When I go to school after vacations


When I am finally confident enough to enter the swimming pool without a shirt on
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18 Dec 2018, 18:30 PM

It’s time for another set of Slovenian memes (or jazjaz, as some say) to provide short, amusing texts as an aid to language learning, with these images drawn from the Internet, made by anonymous creators, and perhaps of dubious legality due to the EU’s notorious "meme-killing" Article 13. Under each there’s a translation, and you can find other articles in this series here, while a good Instagram to follow is Slovenian Memes.


Friend: Can I copy your homework?

Me: Yes, just change it a little so it doesn’t look the same.

Friend: OK


The boy in the picture found a bag with $15,000 inside. He took the bag to the police. I hope that my child is not this stupid



Girlfriend: Here's 20 euros to buy my dog a jacket, and if there's any money left over you can get some beer



When you're all ready to go out but you only have 10% battery



When I'm hungry and walk to the fridge



When your friend starts telling the same story for the 100th time



Him: I've never seen such a beautiful girl, you're wonderful!

Her: I know you're only after sex.

Him: Wow, you're smart, too.



When someone calls and I wait until it stops ringing so I can continue browsing on my phone


When you find a good meme and send it to a couple of friends

30 Aug 2018, 18:28 PM

Short, easy and rewarding. 

08 Jan 2018, 11:08 AM

Ultra-short texts, visual aids, and jokes to try and understand – why you should be following Slovenske smešne scene

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