57th Beer & Flowers (& Music) Festival in Laško, 15 – 17 July

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57th Beer & Flowers (& Music) Festival in Laško, 15 – 17 July YouTube

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STA, 15 July 2022 - The 57th Beer and Flowers Festival will kick off on Friday, turning the eastern town of Laško into a three-day Mecca for beer lovers and horticulturists. In addition to traditional brews and blooms, the event promotes green practices, the organisers said.

There will be rock beats, polka music and other musical performances as well, with popular names such as singer-songwriter Vlado Kreslin and Šank Rock band.

The festival in 2019

The organisers, Laško Centre for Sport, Tourism, Information and Culture, noted that visitors can opt for sustainable and green transportation to get to the festival. They can hike or ride a bike or a train to get to Laško, a town famous for beer brewing.

The national railway operator is again preparing a special train ride to accommodate the festival.

The event will wrap up on Sunday with a flower show, an exhibition marking the 160th anniversary of the Laško Brass Band and a Beer and Flowers parade.

Laško Brewery used to be the largest brewery in Slovenia. Together with the Ljubljana-based Union Brewery it was acquired by Dutch beer giant Heineken in 2015, and the two merged into Laško Union Brewery the following year. Last year, production was moved from Ljubljana to Laško due to safety concerns, but packaging and logistics activities continue in the capital.

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