Narcissi on Golica in Full Bloom

By , 17 May 2018, 11:40 AM Travel
Narcissi on Golica in Full Bloom SI-Ziga, Wikipedia, CC-BY 3.0

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A perfect hiking destination for this weekend. 

May 17, 2018

The high season of blooming wild narcissi on Golica has begun, meaning now is the perfect time to take a trip to the white slopes of this 1,835 m high peak in the Western Karawanks.


Slovenia’s most famous oompah piece Na Golici (On Golica) by the Avsenik Brothers Ensemble is dedicated to this mountain, supposedly because the narcissi reminded the Avsenik brother Slavko of cow bells.

Don’t expect any cows nearby, however, as narcissi are poisonous for the animals, which can only return to pastures after the leaves aren’t green anymore, which is in August.

Agriculture is also the main reason behind the shrinking narcissi fields which used to cover the entire area of Golica, as chemical fertilizers high in potassium and phosphorus stimulate the growth of dandelion and grass, which are in turn displacing narcissi.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty to see, as you can observe in the following video filmed at the site several days ago:

As already noted, you won’t just find these flowers anywhere, especially not at the Golica Cottage. You will have to hike a bit further, either to Jekljevo Sedlo  or Sedlo Suha or so they say.

And if the weather’s fine, then maybe we’ll see you on Golica this Sunday.

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