Ljubljana Suburbs: Šentvid and Tacen

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Šentvid Šentvid Photos: Samo Šmarčan

There's more than the Old Town. 

May 18, 2018

If you are on a quest to get to know Ljubljana better, you can hop on a bus number 1, 8 or 25 from Ljubljana centre and visit Šentvid! You will know where to get off, when you see a remarkable St. Vitus Church, which is the centre point of Šentvid. This area of Ljubljana is also most convenient for getting to Ljubljana airport and for visiting Bled, Škofja Loka, Kranj, Radovljica, Tržič and Lake Bohinj.  And of course – the magnificent Julian Alps!

Šentvid used to be a village

OK, so it’s not the charming Ljubljana Old Town. But the centre of Ljubljana is easily accessible in 10-15 minutes by bus or car. This residential area at the outskirts of Ljubljana is squeezed between the Šentvid Hill and right bank of the Sava river. Which means the area provides some good recreation and definitely lots of fresh air.

Until the mid-1970’s Šentvid was an independent village just outside Ljubljana. But today it is a part of Ljubljana and one of its districts. Because of its great access to nature, the highway and to Ljubljana centre, the neighbourhood is lately gaining popularity among young Slovenia’s professionals  and young families.

St Vitus church in Sentvid.jpg

St Vitus Church in Šentvid


LJ ends here.jpg

Ljubljana ends here


hotel nox in LJ Sentvid.jpg

Nox Hotel in Šentvid

From Šentvid to Tacen

A walk or a bike ride from Šentvid to Tacen offers nice views over the nearby hills and forests. All along the way, a sight of Mount St. Mary (Šmarna gora) will follow you. We should probably recommend a hike up (669 m), since this is one of the most popular “Ljubljana things” to do among the locals. However, it is not the easiest hike – at least not comparing to some other Ljubljana hills. But there is a reward on the top – the most beautiful views over Ljubljana and its surroundings.

Getting to Sava river and visiting a traditional restaurant Košir just across the Sava river is an experience on its own. Just before you get there, there is another traditional Slovene restaurant,  where you can also make a stop for a glass of Slovene cviček wine!

While in Tacen, another point of interest is Kayak and Canoe Center.


Sentvid beekeeping.jpg

Šentvid beekeeping


trad slovene hayrack.jpg

A traditional hayrack


mount st mary on the horizon.jpg

Mount St. Mary on the horizon



Sava river.jpg

The River Sava


Kayak and canoe centre Tacen.jpg

The kayak and canoe centre in Tacen

Šentvid for the evening and beyond

After a day of exploring the area and maybe even hiking, we definitely recommend rounding off the day at Park Žibert in Šentvid at Celovška cesta 335. The place offers tasty domestic and international  food, great selection of beers and definitely some good vibes. Overall, it’s a cool place where the creative energy of Šentvid gathers.  Their inviting garden under the magnificent trees will make you want to stay there for more than just one drink. No worries, as they also provide rooms and sleeping upstairs.

Park Žibert is a great venue in Šentvid for a drink, a meal and also accommodation!


Have a craft beer at hotel nox.jpg

Enjoy a local craft beer...


Nice service.jpg

...and something to eat

Hotel Nox is a hotel at the edge of Ljubljana for a convenient and classy stay!

Talking about staying in Šentvid, there is another lovely and quite unique option – Hotel Nox at the end of Šentvid and the main Celovška Street. This designer hotel with 34 rooms has great reviews on Tripadvisor, and it is very well valued for its style, staff, service and location.

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