Camping and Glamping in Zgornje Jezersko

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Camping and Glamping in Zgornje Jezersko All images by Marijana Podhraški / Let's Go Slovenia

Cool off in the mountains when the season heats up. 

June 22, 2018

When it starts to heat up and Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana is overrun with tourists, the locals (as we are) start to think of possibilities of an “escape”. The seaside or the mountains? Well, it’s also very hot on the coast. But luckily there is the sea. On the other hand, it’s cooler up in the mountains where we might also find a lake to dip into…

How about Jezersko valley?

First of all, where is Jezersko? Jezersko is a pristine mountain valley in Northern Slovenia, surrounded from the east by high summits of sixty-million-year old Kamnik-Savinja Alps and from the west by more than three hundred million years old coral reef.

The Jezersko municipality has two settlements: Spodnje (Lower) and Zgornje (Upper) Jezersko. Zgornje Jezersko is the bigger of the two and has more tourist facilities, mainly guest houses and tourist farms.

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Zgornje (Upper) Jezersko is in Northern Slovenia. On the other side of the peaks is Austria.

Jezersko Valley is not so well known or visited as Logar Valley, which kind of surprises us. But at the same time this is also one of the main reasons why we chose to spend our couple of days away from Ljubljana there. Zgornje Jezersko can be reached by bus from Ljubljana via Kranj. After changing buses in Kranj, you will make it directly into the village. Check the timetable here.

Camping, Glamping and Endless Possibilities for Various Activities

The location of Zgornje Jezersko village offers exceptional views of the surrounding mountains, probably from everywhere you choose to stay here. After seeing photos of their glamping hut online, we booked our stay at Hostel & Camp Stara Pošta. The idea of staying in a wooden hut under the trees with the view of mountains seemed very tempting, indeed. Also, camping and glamping are very popular in Slovenia these days, so why not try it?

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Hostel & Camp Stara Pošta is a great base for exploring Jezersko natural wonders. They also rent out bikes and can arrange for any other adventures if you are planning: hiking, climbing, para gliding etc. For booking your stay call them directly.

Additionally, at Hostel & Camp Stara Pošta you can choose a dormitory bed, double room, camp, or sleeping in a hut (which we did). You can prepare your own food, with an option for food at the hostel bar/restaurant. Tanja the owner of the camp and Andreja who works there made us feel extremely welcome. It was Tanja’s husband who has built the huts himself, while Tanja mostly runs the place and self-brews herb liquors, each one with its own peculiar taste.

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Tanja the owner puts so much effort and dedication in brewing the herb liquors. From handpicking the flowers and herbs through the season, to drying the flowers and bottling the liquors.

Simplicity and Perfect Vacations in the Countryside

The Jezersko valley’s charm lies in its simplicity, in the landscape and opportunities for adventure. The valley is an excellent starting point for mountain routes to Grintovec, the Czech Lodge at Spodnje Ravni (Češka koča na Spodnjih Ravneh), the Jezersko Combe (Jezerska Kočna), and Big Peak (Veliki vrh), as well as the place to complete disconnection.

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Five hundred meters away is a beautiful Lake Planšar (Planšarsko jezero) – an artificial lake created about 50 years ago by a group of Jezersko locals. In the summer swimming is possible, but only if you don’t mind too cold water.

The area is a popular stop off for motor bikers crossing over from Austria and traveling through Slovenia to Adriatic coast and further south. But expect no mass tourism here, only peace and nature.

Furthermore, locals in the Jezersko Valley do their best to preserve the area and to develop sustainable way of tourism. For example, the tourist farm Šenk’s Homestead – 500 years old homestead with an amazing view on the north walls of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Original buildings and architectural style have been preserved and the main house of the homestead is today protected under the national cultural heritage scheme.

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Šenk homestead is a camping place on a gorgeous meadow, plenty of room for campers, horseback riding lessons, a great picnic area and a homestead with a soul and really kind owners are there for you.

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