Where Are Slovenians Spending Their Tourist Vouchers?

By , 27 Aug 2020, 16:02 PM Travel
Where Are Slovenians Spending Their Tourist Vouchers? Image: gov.si

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According to the latest report on tourist voucher consumption by the Financial Administration (FURS), 25% of all beneficiaries had used their voucher or part of it by August 23, which amounts to 69,797,643 EUR spent, or 19,6% of the entire 356,858,450 EUR sum value. On average people spent 136.43 EUR of the voucher and were on average 38.4 years old.

Furthermore, FURS reports that 55,754  beneficiaries transferred their vouchers to someone else and that the average age of those passing on the money was  64.3 years.

In terms of geography, leading the list of top ten municipalities where most vouchers have been spent is Piran, followed by Kranjska gora and Bohinj.


Distribution of cashed vouchers by region:

vrednost po regijah.jpg

Municipalities according to vouchers spent:

odstotek upravicencevkiso porabili.jpg

Where did people from Ljubljana spend their vouchers?

kam iz lj.jpg

Where did people from Maribor spend their vouchers?

kam iy mb.jpg

Where did people from Kranj spend their vouchers?

kam iz kranj.jpg

Where did people from Koper spend their vouchers?:

kam iy koper.jpg

Where did people from Novo Mesto spend their vouchers?:

kam iz nm.jpg

Where did visitors to Piran mostly come from?:

od kod v piran.jpg

Where did visitors to Ljubljana come from?:

od kod v lj.jpg

People using their vouchers mostly decided to stay in hotels, with the following places most popular in each of the categories:

po tipu nastanitve.jpg


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