Longboarding Bear’s Guts to Blue Monday

By , 31 Aug 2018, 19:51 PM Videos
Don't try this at Bezgovica Don't try this at Bezgovica Screenshot from the embedded video

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Hidden away by the Croatian border, near the settlement of Bezgovica, in the Municipality of Osilnica, is a stretch of road known as Bear’s Guts, or Medvedje črevo. This is not the official name, and you won’t find it marked on Google Maps, but it’s one this part of Slovenia earned because it looks like the small intestine of a bear, as shown below (with the full map at the end of the post). 

bears guts, google maps.JPG

Screenshot from Google Maps

It’s a 4 km track with 18 180-degree bends that’s home to the annual KNK longboard camp each summer (official website), the highlight of which is the "Red Bull No Paws Down" event. In this competitors can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h as they hurtle downhill, their hands, as the name suggests, never touching the ground, and if they’re lucky no other parts of their bodies either.

There are many videos online showing you the action, but we’re posting this one for two reasons. First because the rider, Arthur Friedrich Schmidt, carries out a flawless run in which he stands up much of the way, rather than kneeling down in prayer for his life, and second because the soundtrack is New Order’s deathless Blue Monday.

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