“Travel Man” Spends 48 Hrs in Slovenia

By , 04 Oct 2018, 21:55 PM Videos
“Travel Man” Spends 48 Hrs in Slovenia Screenshot from the embedded video

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Barely scratching the surface. 

Earlier this year British comedians Richard Ayoade and Eddie Izzard visited Ljubljana to film an episode of Travel Man - “48 Hours in Slovenia”. Your mileage may vary with regard to the humour, and if you know anything about cityand the bigger tourist sights (Postojna, Bled) then you’ll learn very little, but there’s always some entertainment to be had in seeing the place you call home through foreign eyes.

That said, to these eyes, those of a professional observer of all things Slovene, this show was a missed opportunity, the kind of the thing that makes you realise once again what we lost with Anthony Bourdain’s passing.

Still, it’s making a big noise in the local media, so here it is embedded on the Facebook page of Ljubljana Castle (since the copy we had here has been removed).

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